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সর্ব-শেষ হাল-নাগাদ: ১৫ ফেব্রুয়ারি ২০২২





Variety Name





  • Days to maturity is 115-125 days.
  • Seed-coat is with dense black spot.
  • BOAA% in seed is 0.23.


Land and Soil


 Sandy loam to loam soil is suitable for the cultivation of this variety. 

Land Preparation


Three to four times ploughing followed by laddering is essential. Irrigation can be applied if there is no moisture in the field during sowing time.

Sowing time



The appropriate time of seed sowing is 15 October to 15 November. Late sowing decreases the yield.

Fertilizer dose and method of application


During final land preparation, Urea 35-45 kg, TSP 80-120 kg and MoP 50-70 and Zypsum50-90 kg/ha are needed to apply.


Weeding and mulching


Weeding should be done after 15 to 20 days of seed germination.


Pest management



Usually there is no disease and insect-pest of this variety.  Sobicron 425 EC or Malathion 57 EC should be applied when field is attacked by insects.

Seed yield/ha


   Average seed yield 1900kg/ha




Field view of Binakhesari-1